Estate Planning and Administration

Farina Wojcik helps individuals and business owners protect and preserve their assets and administer their estates or revocable living trust.  An estate plan should allow you to control your property during your life in the event you become disabled.  An estate plan should take into consideration the resources and needs of the intended beneficiaries of your estate thereby allowing your property to pass to your beneficiaries when you want and upon the terms you desire.  A properly drafted estate plan could include a last will and testament and a revocable living trust and possibly a special needs trust.  In addition to these legal documents we strongly encourage each client to have a durable and health care power of attorney to provide for the client in the event of a physical or medical emergency.  Also, we regularly assist out of state families and law firms by serving as local counsel in the ancillary administration of estate assets owned by an individual who is not a legal resident of Michigan or Indiana.

Estate Planning and Administration Law Services

  • Preparation of last will and testament, revocable living trusts, durable and health care power of attorney, including health care directives
  • Administration of estates and revocable living trusts
  • Preparation of special needs trusts
  • Ancillary administration of property owned by non-resident property owners
  • Review and implementation of tax-free gift planning by clients
  • Representation of estate or trust heirs in breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Counsel clients as to multi-generational ownership of second homes
  • Succession planning for business owners
  • Counsel clients on retirement account payout options and the associated income tax impact
  • Establishment of a guardianship and conservatorship for a disabled individual