Real Estate

Acquiring and preserving one of your most important assets.

A real estate investment by a client is one of the most significant financial commitments that is made during a lifetime.  Real estate investments represent different goals and objectives to different clients. For the purchaser of a first or second home in a resort community the real estate investment may represent the reward for years of sacrifice, hard work and realization of a dream purchase that can be enjoyed with family and close friends and the creation of memories.  For a business owner, the purchase of real estate may represent the foundation for conducting business operations that will propel growth in revenues and profits, the introduction of new products and the employment of additional employees, thereby improving the social good of individuals and the communities from which the business conducts its operations.  We work with our clients to identify your goals and perform the necessary due diligence to assure contingencies to the purchase are understood.

We provide legal services supporting the purchase, development, financing and sale of real estate.  If litigation arises concerning your real estate we proceed to attempt to efficiently and effectively protect your legal rights in your property.

Real Estate Law Services

  • Appeal of real estate tax assessments and special assessments
  • Representation of financial institutions in foreclosure and workout litigation
  • Boundary disputes
  • Purchase, sale and leasing of real estate
  • Preparation and negotiation of leases
  • Preparation and negotiation of builders contracts
  • Negotiation and administration of construction contract escrow agreements
  • Enforcement and defense of construction liens
  • Option and right of first refusal agreements
  • Preparation of mortgages and security agreements as means of securing indebtedness owed by borrowers
  • Property damage disputes arising from actions of neighbors
  • Variances
  • Zoning disputes